Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Adventure with the Tub

We are fortunate to have a jetted bathtub.  I enjoy it because it relaxes me and on cold days it warms me.  Not to mention the feeling of the jets on my sore back.  I decided one day that my husband may benefit from the jets and the soothing effect it always brings me.  I managed to get him into the tub, turned the wam water on and started the jets.  The look in his eyes told me that he was enjoying the experience.  It is not equipped for a person that has a disability (in my husband's case, the cognitive ability to lift himself out of the tub).  When it came time to get him out, I found myself in a great delima.  I could'nt get him to understand how to get out of the tub.  All my efforts in coaxing him to put his legs over the tub and try to stand up were futile.  I really got into a panic and didn't know how I was going to get him out of that tub.  Fortunately for us, my son doesn't live too far away and in my panic I called him and told him I could not get Dad out of the tub.  He jumped into his car and when he got here he put his arms around my husband and pulled him out of the tub to his feet.  Needless to say, he hasn't been in that tub again.

I have found tubs that have doors on them and seats, but the expense is beyond our means, so until we can afford to install a tub he can get into and out of, he won't be able to use the tub. 

Since he has no abiltiy to understand things due to his brain injury, I have found over the years that I can actually see in his eyes when he is in pain or is having a problem of some kind.  The trick is to try to figure out what the problem is. 


Queen-Size funny bone said...

That smile looks like he is up to something. I've had the same problem when he falls out of bed or on the floor. Even with my two girls we have a heck of a time getting him up and many a times I have hurt my back.

Healing Morning said...

His smile is heart warming, Judy. It is there, in his eyes, where I can see what you describe - his Soul looking back at you. Despite your daily challenges with his brain injury, I am so happy you are together.

~ Dawn

Widow_Lady302 said...

Oh Sweetie you Beloved is the cutest! He looks soooo well cared for and sooooo happy! What an angels face, and an angel who cares for him!! God bless your Journey you have my heart, and prayers!