Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My wish for today

If I could have one wish today it would not be for money, fame, or material things.  It would be for one day to spend with my husband as he was before his injury.  To tell him about all the things that have happened in the last 12 years that he has missed.  The birth of four grandchildren, the death of his younger sister to pancreatic cancer, the death of his father at 94 years of age.  Of course the deaths in our family would be very sad for him, the birth of the grandchildren would make him happy.  I would tell him about the move to a new house that would ease my workload from caring for a house that was too big for the two of us, and was becoming expensive to maintain.  He would scold me for not managing our money too well, he was always the manager and I know things would be different if this had not happened to him.  I would tell him about the long road he has taken to recovery from his cardiac arrest and resulting brain damage, including learning to walk again.  I would tell him about how hard it has been to watch his day-to-day struggle to understand what is going on around him.  I would tell him about the funny things he says that make no sense, but I go along with them just to get him to talk.

If only I could have just one day to spend with him as he was.  That would be worth a so much to me.

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

Do you notice how important the word IF seems to be in our lives when we wish. i do wonder if they see our pain?